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SATB Soli, Chorus & Chamber Orchestra - c.12' duration

The Nazarene

A cantata setting which juxtaposes the Biblical description of The Crucifixion alongside the 19th century poem of the same name by Constance Naden, for SATB soli and chorus with chamber orchestra.

SATB Soli, Chorus, Narrator, orchestra - c.40' duration

Mass of The Martyrs

An opera within an oratorio! The story of a desperate refugee who takes solace in a Church one night and a provoking storyline which asks us all how would we treat someone in that situation? The text of the Ordinary of The Mass is interwoven within this extraordinary new form of choral work. First performed by The Athenaeum Singers of Warminster in 2016.

Spring Offensive.jpg

SATB Soli, Chorus, chamber ensemble - c.15' duration

Spring Offensive

Combining texts by Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas and Alice Meynell on the subject of WW1, a short cantata of remembrance.


SATB Chorus & Orchestra - c.20' duration (2019)

The Spring of Vision

A dramatic setting of the poem by Vernon Watkins, for soprano & tenor soli, SATB chorus, children's chorus and chamber orchestra.



Comisiynwyd y darn hon, sy’n cynnwys  gerdd Vernon Watkins, gan Eisteddfod Gerddorol Ryngwladol Llangollen 2019 ar gyfer y perfformiad cyntaf ar Orffennaf 3ydd gan wybod y byddai Corâl Cymry Llundain yn bresennol ac yn perfformio ar yr achlysur hwnnw. Ysgrifennwyd y darn er cof am fywyd y tenor Cymreig enwog Kenneth Bowen a oedd yn arweinydd gwreiddiol Corâl Cymry Llundain.



This setting of Vernon Watkins’ poem was commissioned by Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod 2019 for first performance on July 3rd 2019 with soprano Shan Cothi, tenor Rhodri Prys Jones, Wrexham Youth Choir, Liverpool Choral Union with the London Welsh Chorale. The piece is written in memory to the life of the celebrated Welsh tenor Kenneth Bowen who was the founder conductor of the London Welsh Chorale. 

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